About BRI

The Boyne Research Institute was founded in 1992 by Julianne Byrne, PhD, a
Drogheda native, as a non-affiliated, community-based research facility in
Drogheda, Ireland. Its mission is to carry out research and education that will
benefit children and families everywhere.

Our Annual Reports will tell you more about the work of the Boyne Research

The Institute's educational mandate includes the Summer Student Progamme for local college-bound young people, public seminars in aspects of health and training in research methods for young physicians heading for a research career. Its research work includes both internal grant-funded work and external contract-funded projects.

Internal research projects of the Boyne Research Institute currently in progress include:

  • Irish Families with Neural Tube Defects, a study of families where a child has been born with a neural tube defect (NTD) living in the Eastern region of Ireland, designed to identify factors in relatives that might be related to the genetic basis for the NTD.
  • Prevention of Birth Defects, surveys of knowledge and use of folic acid among families with an NTD child and among the general public.
  • 1993 Drogheda School Leavers Cohort, a longitudinal study of the young people who completed their second level schooling in Drogheda in 1993. The second follow-up—Ten Years On—was completed in 2004.
Recent and current contract research projects undertaken for the community and for industry include the following:
  • Surveys of community groups concerning their needs and aspirations.
  • Preparation of case report forms, randomisation procedures and database for an oncology clinical trial.
  • Database preparation and survival analyses of testicular cancer patients and childhood leukaemia patients for a Dublin consultant.
  • Sensitivity and specificity of a new HIV test.
  • Data handling and analysis of surveys of community-based psychiatric patients in Ireland.
The Boyne Research Institute is incorporated and is a charity registered with the Irish Government (CHY No. 10275). It is governed by a Board of Trustees.